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Responding to her usual call to duty, Erotica Jones raced down the highway on her motorcycle, heading for the headquarters that represented her secretive and heroic occupation as Stripperella. Probably more of the usual, she thought to herself. This job is starting to feel a bit ordinary. As if replying to her call for excitement, a white flash caught her eye, distracting her for just long enough to nearly run into the car on her right.

“Watch it, lady!” The angry voice of the driver and the loud honk of a car horn caught enough of her attention for her to swerve back into place, though not enough to distract her from the strange sight in front of her. Is that woman...wearing a diaper? In public? Being herself employed in the business of sexuality, she had seen her share of strange fetishes, but something like that just seemed indecent. There she was, though, just waltzing away down the street in a too-short skirt with a thick white diaper poking out of the bottom like she hadn’t a care in the world.

The sights continued their strange appearance as she slowed her bike, trying to take them all in. As she took a closer look at those wandering the streets, it quickly became apparent that most of the ladies out today shared a similar appearance. Some hid their diapers under loose-fitting jeans or longer skirts rather than showing them off to the world, but nearly everyone she saw seemed to be dressed the same way underneath. This has to be some kind of villanous plot. Either that or some sort of strange new fashion trend.

Her attention moved almost immediately to a huge, flashy-looking billboard dangling over the road for “Stripperella Brand Diapers: for all women who want to be superheroes, big or small.” What? Did Chief Stroganoff make some sort of licensing deal without telling me? A brightly colored image of herself in costume holding a pack of diapers adorned the sign, though with a diaper photoshopped over the area where her skirt would normally reside. The realization that the diaper phenomenon was likely related quickly dawned on her. Now that’s a bit creepy. Though I guess it is because they like me; can’t get too angry at fans for being fans.

The oddities didn’t stop at simply diapered women; Stripperella could swear some of those diapers looked wet or… “full”. Two young ladies giggling as patches of yellow spread throughout the crotches of their exposed padding, a woman squatting down as the seat of hers began to bulge: the scent of dirty diapers filled the normally already awful-smelling air. Erotica couldn’t help but blush at the sight. I guess I can understand the fashion trend, but they really don’t need to go that far.

Pulling into a parking space in front of Flinderman’s with a screech, Stripperella hopped off of her motorcycle and walked on in and past security, only to be greeted by a sight that was starting to become a bit too familiar. Most of the female employees seemed to be similarly dressed to those outside. Now that she was able to get a bit closer look, she recognized the design adorning the front of the diapers: herself, dressed in the outfit she recalled from the billboard. Even here, the diapers seemed to be in varying states of use. She was even fairly certain she noticed one of the workers moaning and rubbing the back of her diaper as the diaper was obviously being filled.

With her face now as red as a cherry, Erotica did her utmost to appear professional as she walked into the chief’s office and addressed the overweight man with his back facing her. “Chief Stroganoff? Agent 69 reporting for duty.”

“Stripperella.” The traditional greeting finished, Stroganoff turned around and addressed her. “I have a bit of an...unusual job for you.”

“It’s the diapers, isn’t it? Some villain making everyone wear them?” Stripperella interjected with her conjecture before he could respond.

As Stroganoff stepped out from behind his desk, it quickly became obvious by his lack of pants that he was wearing a Stripperella diaper as well. “No, Stripperella. That’s just a new fashion trend. Thought we’d get in on it before anyone else could corner the market, maybe get enough money to upgrade the wall behind my desk to match the one with the monitor. I need you to do something much more important: go catch a ghost.”

Walking over to her, Stroganoff passed Stripperella a photograph of a white-haired black-suited boy who resembled a tackily-dressed superhero. Kinda cute for a ghost. Wonder if he’s single? “And who is this...ghost?”

The rotund chief pulled up a couple of other pictures of the ghost boy on his computer screen, turning it to face Erotica. “He’s known by the name Danny Phantom. Been causing some trouble around a little town called Amity Park; don’t know if you’ve heard of it. We need to figure out who this boy is, what he’s trying to do, and stop him. Understand?” Stripperella opened her mouth to ask but was immediately interrupted. “Good. Now, you’ll be going undercover at the local high school as that seems to be the area in which he’s most often spotted. You may want to get an idea of the local color before you’re on your way.”

With a couple of clicks of his mouse, Stroganoff loaded up a website covered with babyish designs, featuring a rotating image gallery of various pictures of diapered girls, each in a fairly sultry pose. Most were dressed in babyish clothing, from snap-crotch onesies to way-too-short dresses and skirts, and a large number of their diapers were not exactly clean. There were even a few “action shots” of girls with crossed legs wetting themselves or squatting down and pushing out a mass into their diapers. The blush on Erotica’s face was again present but slightly lessened from earlier; she was almost getting used to seeing this.

After acquainting herself with the apparent “culture” of Amity Park, Stripperella found herself in the lab, looking at a couple of familiar faces wearing what appeared to be large stuffed teddy bear-styled mascot costumes. “Hey Hal, Bernard...what are you two wearing?”

The nasally voice of the shorter, more rotund of the two was the first to respond. “Stripperella! We were just...heh heh...testing some of the gadgets.”

“Yeah! These are fireproof, waterproof, radiation-proof, and able to withstand over 2,000 pounds per square inch of force.” The deeper voice of Bernard chimed in only to be pushed over onto his back by Hal, rolling back and forth and struggling to get up.

“And they make for a nice way of immobilizing your target!” Hal’s snorts and guffaws lasted until Bernard was able to pull himself back up onto his feet, trying and failing to dust himself off with the oversized plush arms of the suit. The two’s immature nature now satisfied, Hal pulled out a familiar looking lunchbox, emblazoned with a picture of Stripperella, though this time with a bit more padding around her hips. “Anyways, we have some things you might find useful. You might recognize this set from your time at St. Vincent Barbarino; we’ve updated the designs to be a bit more modern but maintained all of the functionality of the last set.”

Her arm outstretched to its full length, Stripperella accepted the lunchbox, examining the new design skeptically. “You sure this is official merchandise?”

A nod from the slimmer of the pair marked his reply. “Of course! And you haven’t even seen the new stuff.” A large bag covered in pockets with a mesh net containing an oversized baby bottle was held out towards Erotica Jones, again being accepted with a bit of hesitation.

“And what is stuff, exactly?” Opening the bag to find baby supplies seemingly sized for someone of her stature, Erotica’s inquiry carried almost an accusatory tone.

“Oh, it’s all quite useful, especially given where you’re headed. If you want to see for yourself, go ahead and get changed.” As he spoke, Bernard motioned towards a nearby curtain-covered stall within the confines of the lab. Though she considered refusing for a few seconds, Stripperella’s professional attitude overcame her embarrassment.

The researchers sat patiently while the sounds of tapes ripping and Stripperella’s frustration covered up the noise of the lab until, with a satisfied sigh, she emerged from the dressing room, a bulky diaper protruding several inches below the bottom of her too-short skirt. “There. Now, what kind of high tech gadget is this?”

Before Bernard’s open mouth could utter a word, Hal cut him off with an explanation of his own. “It’s the newest in high-tech absorbent disposable underwear technology: the Stripperella-brand adult diaper. It’s mostly for helping you blend in, but in a pinch, it should last up to a whole 24 hours without a change.”

“So it’s a diaper.” Obviously unimpressed by the chubby scientist’s explanation, Stripperella picked up the baby bottle, examining it carefully against the light. “And this? Some sort of long-term sustenance? Maybe a drug that enhances reaction time?” She raised it to her lips, suckling at the nipple and swallowing once she was certain it wasn’t poisoned.

“Uh, Stripperella, I don’t think you want to drink that…” Hal’s protests were just a second too late; by the time he finished his sentence, Stripperella had already taken quite a large gulp.

Lowering the bottle again, Erotica raised instead an eyebrow at the portly man. “Why? What does it…” Her sentence cut off by a groan, Erotica held her suddenly aching stomach, a yellow spot expanding from her crotch as her diaper began to swell. Stripperella’s knees buckled, and as she squatted to the ground, trying to keep herself upright, the seat of her diaper began to bulge outwards, an unpleasant scent now carrying throughout the laboratory.

“It’s an industrial strength diuretic and laxative. Basically, if someone drinks it, they’ll be ‘going’ within seconds.” The explanation finished just a second too late, Hal rubbed the back of his head, a sheepish grin on his face.

Just about the complete opposite expression quickly formed on the girl’s, a guttural growl building beneath her voice. “What do you think you’re doing putting this stuff in my gadgets? This isn’t a gadget at all! All this does is embarrass me!”

“Whoa, whoa, calm down, Stripperella! Come on; these are incredibly useful where you’re headed.” Bernard’s attempt to settle the girl’s anger did nothing but reduce it to a smoldering pout, leaving Stripperella waddling directly towards the exit. “Hey, Stripperella! You need help changing out of that?”

“Of course not!” An angry stomp accompanied her hundred-and-eighty degree turn, the edge from a second ago still present in Stripperella’s voice. “The only kind of person I’d let ‘help’ with anything around that area would have to be my boyfriend!”

Before she could spin around again, however, Hal broke in with an important addtion. “Wait! There are a couple of other things you need before you can go. How were you planning on capturing a ghost?”

Erotica sighed as she took a few steps back in the direction of the two bumbling scientists. “I don’t know; I was thinking I’d just trap him in a Thermos or something.”

The two exchanged a knowing glance before Hal took the time to address that concern. “You want to get in touch with the Fenton family. Their son, Danny, will be attending Casper High with you while you’re there. They’ll be able to get you the gear you need.”

“Hmm… You think it’s weird that the son has the same name as the ghost?” Blank looks responded to Stripperella’s thought. “No? Just me then.”

The other researcher stepped to the side, drawing Stripperella’s attention as he pulled open a curtain to reveal what appeared to be a variant of her own costume, a bib and bonnet replacing her traditional head- and torso-wear and a thick diaper similarly placed to the one she was currently wearing. “We’ve also designed a version of your normal outfit more fitting for the atmosphere of the area. It’s also marketing-team approved!” Noting her overwhelming lack of enthusiasm at the idea, he quickly added another detail. “It’s also made of quite a bit nice fabric than that one.”

A sigh escaped Erotica’s lips, making quite clear her displeasure. “Alright. Make sure it’s ready for me tomorrow before I leave, okay?”

“Right! Will do!” The shorter of the two shouted after the already disappearing Stripperella. He turned towards the other of his pair. “She doesn’t know what the other gadgets do, does she?”


The motorcycle ride to Casper High the next day served mainly to remind Erotica just what kind of trip she was in for. Just as they had back in her hometown, girls in diapers lined the streets of Amity Park, some even wearing clothing she was fairly certain she had seen in the 6-12 month old section of Flinderman’s. The sight differed from that of yesterday in one key manner: several of these girls, especially the ones seemingly dressed as babies, were accompanied by more normally dressed boys. Most of the men appeared to be taking on a more caretaker-esque role, spoon-feeding the girls, holding their hands and helping them to waddle along, or even checking their diapers. The strangeness kept Erotica entranced even as she pulled into Casper High; distracted by a couple engaged in a diaper change on the school lawn, she failed to notice the boy standing in front of her until with a crash, she collapsed on top of him, knocking him to the ground and leaving her leaning over him on the ground herself.

A shiver ran down Stripperella’s spine as she stared the disheveled black-haired youth in his sky blue eyes. For several seconds she was unable to move, overwhelmed by the simultaneous warmth and chill spreading throughout her body until she realized what she had done. “I’m so sorry! Here, let me help you up.” The girl rapidly climbed to her feet, taking the boy’s hand in her own as she pulled him back to his.

After several seconds of awkward silence, Erotica still awestruck at the sight, the boy she had bumped into attempted to break the nice. “Are you new here? My name’s Danny. Danny Fenton.”

The name rang a bell, but Erotica’s attention was focused elsewhere as she fumbled for a response. “Oh! Hi, Danny; I’m Erotica Jones. This is my first day at Casper High; how did you know?”

“I thought I’d remember if I saw someone as…’pretty’ as you before.” Danny commented, looking over Erotica’s skimpy outfit with mild apprehension. Entirely focused on the compliment from her new crush, Erotica either ignored or didn’t comprehend the subtext of his statement, smiling widely as she continued her conversation with her new crush. Unbeknownst to the two romantically-inclined young adults, however, a pair of sinister eyes watched them from the shadows.

A commission for :iconmegabluex: megabluex
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